FilAm Bob Sampayan, Grandson of Carlos Bulosan, Bids to Become Mayor of California City of Vallejo

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VALLEJO COUNCILMAN and former Vice Mayor Bob Sampayan, a grandson of famous labor union leader and writer in America Carlos Sampayan Bulosan, is primed to become the first Filipino American mayor of Vallejo, the city another famous FilAm, Olympic multi-medalist Natalie Coughlin, in the November election.
                                                         By ART GABOT MADLAING
VALLEJO, California  (via PhilAmPress) – For the past decades, many Filipino-Americans had served as Vice Mayor of the city of Vallejo but no one had been elected and served as Mayor.
On November 8, the Filipinos and Asians have the unique opportunity to support and elect Bob Sampayan as the first Fil-Am and Asian Mayor of Vallejo, a city near San Francisco with a big population of FilAms.
A grandson of Carlos S. Bulosan, the famous writer and pioneering labor union organizer and workers and minority rights fighter in the United States and author of the book “America is in the Heart,” Bob Sampayan is uniquely qualified and ready to serve as the next mayor of the city having served  as councilman for five years and as Vice Mayor of Vallejo for one year.
Prior to joining the Vallejo City Council, Bob Sampayan was a respected police officer of the city, the home of famous Filipino-American Olymic medalist Natalie Coughlin whose father also served as policeman of the city.
Many residents of Vallejo representing all the spectrum of society, including those of Asian and Filipino descent, have pledged their support to Sampayan going into the elections.
There are three ways city voters can still support and help in the candidacy of Bob Sampayan as the next Mayor of Vallejo: 1. If you are a resident and qualified voter in Vallejo, make sure to go out and vote for Bob Sampayan as Mayor of Vallejo; 2. If you are financially able, contribute to the financial campaign fund to elect Bob Sampayan (send your financial contribution to: Committee to Elect Bob Sampayan, FPPC ID 1379316, P. O. Box 5417, Vallejo, California); 3. If you are not resident of Vallejo, contact (by phone, letter, Email, Facebook) your friends and relatives who are qualified voters in Vallejo and remind them to support and vote for Bob Sampayan as the next Mayor of Vallejo.
In the 50s, Bob and his younger brother Steve and his parents Ruperto and Gregoria Sampayan settled in Salinas, California. Bob attended Hartnell Community College and San Jose State University and majored in Criminal Justice. He has two grown children Arianna and Rob and two grand children Kaitlyn (13) and Braeden (8). He lives in Vallejo with his loving wife Ramona and their pup, Roxie Anne.
In an exclusive interview last week with Philippines Today and PhilAmPress, Bob said that he had devoted many years of his life serving the people of Vallejo. He said there is diversity of population but also division which is not good for the City of Vallejo.
Bob recalled that when he was eight years old, his father introduced him to his grandfather Carlos Sampayan Bulosan in Spokane, Washington. He was inspired to serve and “do the right thing” by the activism, commitment and dedication of Carlos S. Bulosan, a great freedom fighter and writer, whose contributions to the cause of workers and minorities in Americas – the Filipinos, the Chinese, and Japanese and other Asians and Pacific Islanders and Latinos – became part of his centenary celebration
His platform and program of government are focus in four major areas: 1. Economic Development; 2. Sustainable Budget; 3. Public Safety; 4. Infrastructure and Water Supply.
During his tenure in Vallejo, Bob served as patrol officer, field training officer. Over the years, he was promoted to Sergeant, Special Program Manager and Area Commander of the Central Community Substation in Downtown Vallejo. He enjoyed a very successful 34 year career in public safety before retiring and working for the Fighting Back Partnership for four years. In 2011, he ran and was elected to the Vallejo City Council where he continues to serve today.
As Councilman and Vice Mayor, his accomplishments included: 1. FINANCIAL STABILITY – Voted for sustainable budget and since 2012 Vallejo had been without deficit; 2. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND REVITALIZATION – Collaborated with Blu Homes and Lennar Mare Island to bring Blu Homes Management and architectural staff to Vallejo. Championed and supported reinstating the City’s Economic Development Department; 3. SUPPORT OF SCHOOLS – Lobbied and voted for School Resource Officers Program. Listened to parents; concerned and initiated solutions; 4. PUBLIC SAFETY – Coordinated with Police Chief to increase department credibility. Championed and lobbied for Police/Citizens Advisory Group. Voted to increase police staffing from 73 to 123 sworn positions. Co-founded the Solano County Gang Task Force.
People need to be heard,” he emphasized, adding all culture and the diverse population must be served equally.
Bob described Vallejo as the “Gem of the North Bay.”
Bob and Karen Sims (his Campaign Manager) both believe “real progress’ and “real accomplishments” for the benefit of the diverse population and the city of Vallejo are possible.
Bob Sampayan is the most qualified and most experienced among the three candidates for Mayor,” Karen Sims echoed.
Voters can rely on my 34 years of public service and leadership to continue to serve Vallejo with integrity. With my leadership, fiscal responsibility and community listening and collaboration skills, we can ensure that Vallejo is a sustainable and attractive place to live, work and play, “ Bob explained.
I believe in Vallejo.” Bob affirmed. “By uniting, “working together: and “pulling together,” we can all make Vallejo the real “Gem of the North Bay”, he said. (Art Gabot Madlaing/PhilAmPress/PhlTodayUSA)


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