FRED GABOT OUT OF ORDER COLUMN Clinton Wins Over Trump in Debate; Duterte vs De Lima: Who Will Prevail


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A CNN/ORC poll and experts at Hofstra University said Hillary Clinton was the winner of the first presidential debate.

Shortly after the first face-off between the Democratic nominee and her Republican rival, Donald Trump,  the poll showed an “overwhelming victory” for Clinton, with 62 percent of Americans who watched the debate saying Clinton won, compared to 27 percent who said Trump won.

It’s hilarious, Madam Hillary!


It was the first of three presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate that will be held before the Nov. 8 election.

The performance of each candidate at the debates could be crucial to clinching the presidency, as various polls have showed a close race.

Prior to the debate, it was reported that some 100 million Americans were eager to watch the debate.

Are Americans ready for their first woman president?



The word war between Prez Duterte and Sen De Lima continues to heat up, but there’s some kind of twist and relief.

This as the neophyte senator, amid her tirade on the Prez, asked: “Bakit po ninyo ito ginagawa sa akin? May gusto po ba kayo sa akin?”

Duterte retorted back – “Pagkita ko ang video, nawalan ako ng gana,” referring to the purported sex video of the senator with her alleged lover, which the former justice secretary vehemently denies.

Yes, at least we thank Sen Leila for making people smile and laugh.


De Lima continues to laugh off allegations she was involved in the massive drugs operations based in the National Penitentiary in Muntinlupa.

Her repartee – Aguirre’s evidences (against her) are fake like his wig – referring to Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre.

Bistado si Sec Aguirre?


After inspecting a mega shabu laboratory at the foot of Mount Arayat in Pampanga, an angry Prez Duterte continued his banter.

“Hindi ako (ma-pride) na tao. Hindi ako kargado ng pride chicken kagaya ng iba,” he said.

“Ako kapag mali. Masama nga ang bunganga ko, pero ‘pag ako nagkamali, it comes from the heart, I am very sorry,” he added.

The Chief Executive was referring to his mistake in including former Pangasinan governor now congressman Amado “Spine” Espino Jr. and two others in the drug matrix.

That’s the man! We salute you, Mr. President.


I doff our hat also to Congressman Espino, a friend for many years, for maintaining his cool amidst the allegations linking him to drugs and De Lima.

Ironically, Espino actually abhors illegal drugs and thus was an author and sponsor of the country’s law on illegal drugs.

I’ve known Espino as a decorated soldier and police officer and have seen how  dedicated he was in all his work. His dedication and achievements earned for him accolade and respect that catapulted him to politics, first as a congressman and later as governor and now back as congressman.

Espino’s record as a governor is unprecedented in the history of our province of Pangasinan.

Keep it up, Congressman!


The Philippines has new law recognizing centenarians.

Republic Act No. 10868 grants all 100-year-old Filipinos, whether living in the country or abroad, P100,000 as a birthday gift and a letter of felicitation from the President.

Centenarians will also receive an additional cash gift and a plaque of recognition from their respective local government units.

Hurray, we have a candidate – my father’s sister, Elena Gabot Madlaing, who is now 97 and still strong and goes to Las Vegas once in a while. She lives with her daughter in San Jose, California.


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