President Duterte to Go After Big Tax Evaders Next


CATBALOGAN CITY, Samar –- President Rodrigo R. Duterte will soon release a list of wealthy tax evaders in the country, citing his administration’s thrust to protect government’s interest.

The Chief Executive released the list of government officials engaged in illegal drugs trade and the next, according to him, is the list of big tax evaders.

“To the rich, pay your taxes! I will be announcing formally (the list of tax evaders), but I would like to have the list completed,” the Chief Executive said during his speech at the Camp Lukban, Philippine Army 8th Infantry Division headquarters, this city..

Mr. Duterte said he will invite wealthy tax evaders to questioning. “If you will not come, I will send the police and ask why you’re not paying.”

“Follow the law, follow the rules and do not cause agony to your fellowmen. You’re killing government! You’re destroying the Filipino people!” he said.

The President said tax evasion is not allowed to happen under his administration in the next six years. “It must be the interest of the government first and nothing else,” he added.

During his speech, the Chief Executive reiterated his plan to continue with the peace talks with insurgents, but he repeatedly condemned the rebels’ use of landmines. He also mentioned about the ongoing anti-drug campaign of the government.

President Duterte  attended a security briefing with top military officialsbefore delivering a speech to about 500 soldiers at the covered court. 


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