American Professor Mauled to Death in Dumaguete City


DUMAGUETE CITY — Four teenagers mauled to death an American professor at the Foundation University in Dumaguete City on December 26.
One of the suspects, a 17-year-old teenager, has executed an extrajudicial confession in the presence of his legal counsel and a guardian.
Insp. Blas Alpeche, who heads the investigation section of the Dumaguete City police, disclosed this but declined to give further details to avoid compromising the investigation on the death of American photo-journalist Phil Prins.
Alpeche added that another witness, a girl, was also summoned over the weekend to execute an affidavit regarding the death of Prins.
Prins, a U.S. Army Scout veteran and a journalism teacher at Foundation University in Dumaguete City died on his 35th birthday last Dec. 29, three days after he was rushed to the hospital and became comatose after four young men attacked him outside the ZanZibar restaurant in Dumaguete.
Three of the suspects, including the minor, have been identified while the identity of the fourth suspect remains unknown yet, Alpeche said.
Alpeche also confirmed that police have secured a copy of the CCTV footage that shows the mauling of Prins as he was leaving the ZanZibar restaurant along San Jose Street.
 Prins’ remains were cremated Monday and his ashes will be brought to the U.S.
Prins’ next of kin arrived earlier after being informed of his death.
Alpeche said he has explained to them that the police were still building a strong case by getting additional evidence against the suspects to get a conviction.
The police have yet to file a complaint against the suspects even though not one of them had been arrested, Alpeche said.
Meanwhile, Foundation University’s president, Victor Vicente “Dean” Sinco in a statement said Phil Prins’ death was a loss to the university and to his family.
The loss is a tragedy for the community especially as he “understood and believed in the need for fundamental change for the average Filipino”, Sinco added.
“We will miss Phil dearly but he and his personal goals and ambitions for Filipinos will not be forgotten”, said the university president.
“We love you and miss you and we will carry on. Rest in peace, Phil”, the statement said.
Prins, a graduate of Walla Walla University and an Iraq War combat veteran, also served as an adviser to the campus newspaper of Foundation University.
He has lived in Dumaguete since 2013.


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