MONEY MATTERS Philippine Peso Slids to P47.26 to $1 Then Regains Strength


MANILA — The Philippine peso recovered on Tuesday, November 11, the second day of trading, against the US dollar buoyed by profit-taking on back of the US dollar’s recent rally.
It ended the day at P46.95 after dropping to its six-year low of P47.26 Tuesday.
A trader noted that amidst the positive performance of the local unit during the day foreign selling was evident, thus, affecting the strong recovery of the peso.
The local unit’s close for the day did not show at the start when it opened at P47.23 from day-ago’s P47.20.
Its closing level is the local unit’s strongest for the day while weakest stood at P47.24.
This brought the day’s average to P47.13, an improvement from the P47.21 a day ago.
Volume of trade amounted to US$ 753.7 million, a tad lower than the previous trading day’s US$ 768.6 million.
For Thursday, the currency pair is seen to trade between P46.90 and P47.10.
An economist of banking giant HSBC projects the general weakening of the local unit in the near term given the looming interest rate normalization in the US.
HSBC economist Joseph Incalcaterra said he expects the local currency to end the year at P47.10 level as the Federal Reserve is widely anticipated to start its tightening moves by the end of the year.
He, on the other hand, pointed out that the peso’s weakness is not unique since its the theme in the region.
He added that the country’s fundamentals remain strong and will remain to be a solid support for the local unit.


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