SHOWBIZ – Angel Locsin No Longer Flying as Darna; Wedding with Luis Manzano Next?

Don’t look now but comely actress Angel Locsin is no longer flying again as “Darna” in a planned remake of the movie.
The reason – her health and physical condition.
It was gathered that she might have overdid some exercises and preparations for the role that could have misplaced some bones.
Many of her fans are now praying that she gets well so she continue her other acting roles in less strenuous capacity as shown on her Facebook account.
Her boyfriend actor and television host Luis Manzano and her mother, outgoing Batangas Governor Vilma Santos Recto have joined the legions of fans of the comely actress in praying for her immediate recovery and continued good health.
The lady governor of Batangas, who herself had performed as “Darna” in past movies, has also an advice for the young star – don’t cry over the lost role.
“You have played the role of Darna and have proven yourself,” Governor Vilma said in a television interview, referring to Angel Locsin.
The remake of Darna with Angel Locsin was planned two years ago.
But with the turn of events, columnist Aster Amoyo said that since Luis Manzano has not also entered politics earlier planned, there is a strong possibility that Angel and Luis could finally walk down the aisle for a grand wedding.
She said that the two are of prime age, Luis is 34 and Angel is 30.
Meanwhile, the search is on for her replacement in the title role of  Darna which originally was a popular comics novel of Mars Ravelo which was first made into a movie in 1951.
 The first Darna movie had actress Rosa del Rosario playing as Darna and the movie was directed by the late Fernado Poe Sr.
The second Darna movie had Eva Montes playing the role in 1964.
Columnist Aster Amoyo recounted in her Pilipino Star Ngayon column the other stars in the remake and television series on Darna.
In 1969, another remake of the movie had Gina Pareño as Darna in 1969 and five years later, it was the turn of Vilma Santos to be Darna. Vilma Santos appeared in the movies Darna and the Giants, Darna vs. the Planet Women in 1975, and Darna and Ding in 1980.
In 1977, the first TV series on Darna was made by KBS-9 and by Kitchie Benedicto with Lorna Tolentino. In 1979, a spoof was made by comedy king with the title Darna Kuno.
In 1986,  GMA made Darna into a cartoon series. In 1991, the movie was again remade this time by Viva Films with Nanette Medved as Darna followed by Anjanette Abayari in 1994


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