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Juanita Robertson, Christian mother and grandmother and retired professor of the City College of San Francisco, was inspired and deeply touched by the lesson and message of the poem “THE DASH” included in the copy of my sermon entitled “Making a Difference with Your Life,” I shared with her last month.

She requested at least 12 sets or copies of the poem and copies of my sermon which commemorated my 68thbirthday. She desired to share them to all her children, grandchildren and friends. This motivated me to share the poem “THE DASH” and my sermon “Making a Difference with Your Life,” to readers of my column under the banner “HEALTH & WEALTH.”

I m grateful to the Editor-in-Chiefof the PHILIPPINES TODAY for publishing “Making aDifference with Your Life”in three parts or series. I received positive comments from our readers who requested complete copy of “Making a Difference with Your Life.” Here’s excerpt of a letter I received from Eleanor E. Garlit, one of our readers from Milpitas, California.

I am an avid fan and reader of your column in the PHILIPPINES TODAY. I would like to request a complete copy of your article “Making a Difference with Your Life.” I would like to share this very valuable lesson with my family especially my two sons. Thank you for your very great work of inspiration.”

I enjoy reading your Health & Wealth column. I love reading your article Making a Difference with Your Life Part III. May I please request a complete free copy of the message ‘Making a Difference with Your Life,’” wrote Basilio Agustin, Jr. from Stockton, California.

Your columnist in cooperation with “WE CARE” MINISTRYjust published a new tract which include the poem “THE DASH” and my three-part column “Making a Difference with Your Life.” If you want a FREEcopy like what retired professor Juanita Robertson,Eleanor G. Garlit and Basilio Agustin, Jr. requested, you can send your request today. Just send a self-addressed-stamped envelope to:WE CAREMINISTRY, 701-8thAvenue, San Francisco, CA 94118.

CALIFORNIA TPA DIVISION WINS TOP NATIONAL AWARDS: I would like to congratulate the officers and directors of the Travelers Protective Association of America (TPA), California Division headed by incumbent Milpitas Mayor Jose S. Esteves, State President; Dr. Dem Belmonte Nitafan, DBA, State Secretary-Treasurer and newly-elected National Director, for the national top awards won by the TPA California Division, namely: 1stPlace, Community Service Awards (Small Division); 1stPlace (Highest Points), Safety Committee Awards (Small Division); 1stPlace, Community Service Awards (Small Post), Post E, California; 1stPlace (Highest Points), Safety Committee Awards (Small Post), Post SC, California.

The other TPA California Division officers and directors are: Roberto David, 1stVP; Elena N. Escober, 2ndVP; Art Madlaing, 3rdVP.; Chona N. Escober, Chaplain. Board of Directors: Marie Nitafan-Quan, Elena N. Escober,Evangelina Fernandez, Consuelo M. David, Catherine Nitafan-Young, Rudy L. Fernandez, Art Madlaing, Cecilia C. Nitafan, Chona N. Escober. Loretta Panoringan.

TPA is one of the oldest fraternal societies in America. It has threefold blend of benefits for members, their families and for the community, functioning in these major areas: fraternalism, safety projects and community service. Participation on a national, state and local level include: Child Safety Program, Scholarship Trust for the Hearing Impaired. Other activities include sponsorship of Little League Teams, Meal on Wheels for the elderly, Highway Rest Stops

Accident, Death and Disability benefits for members and their beneficiaries are membership benefits. If you are interested help the TPA safety program and community service, you are cordially invited to join a local TPA Post near you. Please call or contact: Mayor Jose S. Esteves (408)263-1153, Dr. Dem or Cecilia Nitafan (408)307-9372,Connie or Roberto David (510)501-1528, Elena Escober (510)409-5303, Chona Escober (510)675-0469, Art Madlaing (650)438-3531, Rudy or Vangie Fernandez (926)778-2295, Loretta Panoringan (408)712-1665.


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