President Duterte Helps FilAm Boy with School Report

A FILAM BOY’S letter gets timely response from President Duterte who made a video to support his school report.
MANILA/FRESNO – President Rodrigo Duterte took time to oblige over the weekend a request of a Filipino-American sixth grader from Fresno, California for help with a school project as he shot a short video message saying a simple “hello” to the boy’s teacher and classmates.
On Oct. 28, Christopher Bong Go, Special Assistant to the President, uploaded the 48-second video of Duterte, acknowledging 11-year old Andre Gabriel Custodio Esteban’s letter.

The video showed the President saying “Hello,” to Mrs. Ricchiuti, Andre’s teacher, and giving the Pinoy child a heartwarming advice.

“Good day, I would like to say hello to Mrs. Ricchiuti, and the students in Fresno Adventist Academy, in California, USA, especially to you Andre,” Duterte said in the video.

“Andre, I received your letter request and I am most happy to oblige. I am sure that you will do a great report about our beloved country, the Philippines,” he added. “Continue being a good son and study well, and may God bless you and your family and all of us in this planet Earth.”

Days after President Duterte granted his wish,  Esteban, with his classmates and teacher, sends a video greeting to thank the president for the “once in a lifetime experience”.

Andre, along with his classmates and social studies teacher, thanked the president for granting his request.

“Thank you for responding to my letter and my classmates and I want to say thank you.”

Andre’s mother, Almyra, also took to social media to praise Duterte’s “caring” personality.

“I feel so thankful that the president took time off his busy schedule to make a video for my son. It shows how much of a caring person he is, granting a kid’s simple request,” she said.

In a handwritten letter to the President dated Oct. 25, Esteban said he wished to meet the Duterte in person someday.

“I am a proud Filipino and I really like you as our president,” the boy said.
Esteban, a 6th grade student at Fresno Adventist Academy in California, told the president about a report he is doing.
“I am doing a Nationality report about the Philippines on Nov. 15, 2017. I am interested in talking about you in my class,” he said.
Noting how busy the president is, Esteban requested him to just send him a short video of him “saying hello to my teacher, Mrs. Ricchiuti, my classmates, and I.”
“I am a proud Filipino and I really like you as our president and I wish to meet you someday,” he wrote. “I know that you are very busy because you are a very hard-working president… but can I ask you a special favor? Can you please send me a short video clip of you saying hello to my teacher, Mrs. Ricchiuti, my classmates, and I? Maraming maraming salamat po! (Many thanks to you, sir.)”
His mother, Almyra Grace Custodio, also posted the letter on Facebook and asked the public for help in sending it to Duterte. She later thanked the president and Go for their help with her son’s class project.

Andre, in his letter, explained that he will be presenting a Nationality Report on the Philippines on November 15.


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