Heart Evangelista Ready to Have Her Baby with Senator Chiz



Don’t look now but comely actress Heart Evangelista has admitted she is ready to have a baby.

Heart, 32, whose real name is Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco, made the revelation during talks with media in connection with her television show on the GMA Network, the “My Korean Jagiya.”

But she clarified she and husband, Sen. Francis Escudero, are not in a hurry to have a baby.

Yes, fans can expect that to have by next year still.

In her exchanges with the media, Heart, who is also an accomplish artist now, a popular endorser and television host, said she and her husband Sen. Chiz are already planning to have a baby by next year.

 “Kapag natapos ang airing ng show, we will prioritize it na, kaya baka maging last show ko muna itong My Korean Jagiya,’” the actress said as reported by columnist Mario Bautista.

 “Chiz isn’t pressuring me naman to give him a ba‘by but at my age, which is 32, I think it’s the right time to have my own,” she said.

“Kasi now, I’m already a mom two Chiz’s 9-year-old twins with his first marriage, who are both very well behaved so we all get along fine,” Heart added.

“ But I think I’m ready to have my own at ang gusto ko, isang baby lang, it doesn’t matter kung boy or girl, basta healthy and normal in everything,” she was quoted as saying by the columnist.

Mario Bautista reported that Heart is thankful that her new primetime show, “My Korean Jagiya”, quickly gained many loyal followers every night right after it started airing.

“I should also thank all my co-stars, pati all the Korean actors who are part of the show, kasi nagkatulung-tulong kaming lahat to make sure we give a highly entertaining show in every episode,” she said.

She also credited Director Mark Reyes and their writers for the show’s success. “I think nahuli talaga ng writers namin at ni Direk Mark ang kiliti ng viewers, lalo na ‘yung mahilig sa K-drama. The story is really unique and I really like my role as a school teacher, Gia, a bubbly and optimistic young woman na hopeless romantic. I want to thank all the netizens who fill up their social media accounts each night after each telecast with positive comments and feedback about the show and its cast.”

Doesn’t Sen. Chiz get jealous when she is doing “kilig” romantic moments with Korean actor Alexander Lee? Heart was asked by the media.

The actress had a ready answer. “Not at all. Maski kay Dennis Trillo noon in ‘Juan Happy Love Story’, wala. Sabi ko nga, magselos ka naman. I think it’s because he really trusts me, alam niyang trabaho lang ito and, also, he feels so secure about himself kaya there’s no jealousy in his vocabulary,” she said.

“He also knows that Alexander Lee and the other Koreans are treated like family kasi madalas sila sa aming bahay. And I’m grateful na very supportive siya sa career ko and not the type na maraming ipagbabawal na gawin ko,” she added.

Earlier, Heart opened her new home to friends who immediately dubbed her a domestic goddess even as she is busy with a Korean-Filipino production in which she co-stars with Korean actors.

Despite her busy schedule and her new television show, Heart showed off portions of her new home earning praises that she still manages to be a domestic goddess in real life.

 The actress is even earning praises for her unique taste when it comes to her home’s dining table setup, it was learned.

In her latest Instagram posts, through @iamhearte, Heart impressed her followers when she showcased her skills by pulling off a Filipino-Spanish dinner setup. The ever-fashionable lady also owns plates showing European and Chinese history.

The GMA star also opened up her home to Instagram followers, posting several parts of the house she shares with her husband Senator Escudero and his twins.

Heart, however, has declined offers to show their entire home in magazine features.

The comely star has revealed it took her three years to finish the house she built from her savings. Heart and her politician husband have signed a pre-nuptial agreement thus, the new home remains under her name.

Heart, at the same time, answered some remarks regarding the new house that she built which insinuate that it came from what her husband had “earned”  in the last election where Sen. Escudero ran for vice president with Sen. Grace Poe.

 “You know, that’s really foul because ‘yung house, it really came from my own earnings,” Heart stressed in a talk with columnist Mario Bautista.

“We just laugh it off kasi everyone knows we signed a prenup and I declare what I make every year, so check na lang nila ang talent fee ko,” the comely actress stressed.

“Hindi kami nagpapakialaman sa earnings ng bawat isa, but when it comes to our everyday expenses, share kami. My husband is a very open minded person and supportive siya sa career ko. I’m working on my own, I act, I have my paintings, so what’s wrong with that?” she said.
Heart was asked when she and husband have their own baby and she had an immediate reply.

“Naku, siguro pagkatapos na nitong ‘My Korean Jagiya’ saka kami magpo-focus sa pagbe-baby. Promise ‘yan. We’ll work on it na,” she said.

She said her house also serves as her artistic sanctuary as Heart once again picks up her brushes to paint. As an artist, she is known as Love Marie. She has exhibited her works in the past but painting had to take a backseat for a while since her plate has been full with back-to-back acting engagements in “Mulawin versus Ravena” and now, My Korean Jagiya.

“In between taping, did this on-the-spot painting for a short film. Can’t wait to share it with you!” Evangelista proudly noted on her new artwork.

In another interview, Heart, who recently celebrated her 19th anniversary in showbiz, revealed she sees herself staying in the industry for five more years, before moving on to other endeavors.

“Everything that happened after my 10th year was just a bonus, and I’m grateful. I’m giving myself five years. After that, I think I deserve to really live my life,” she tsaid at a recent press conference for her coming romantic-comedy series on GMA 7, “My Korean Jagiya.”

Heart said she plans to focus on her and her family’s businesses in food and fashion. “I plan my life. I think about everything—I take note of how much I make and how long it would last me,” she said.


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