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 US attorney general closes Clinton email probe, says no charges – headline.

The former Secretary of State and First Lady is hillarious.


What’s this we heard Senator Sanders, Clinton’s tough foe in the Democratic party presidential nomination has endorsed Hillary.

Donald Trump was quoted as whispering – the senator may have had good sanding that’s why he had a change of heart.


We saw this post from Pac Mom, reportedly Mommy Dionisia:

Digong to Leni: Pwede ka housing Mam?

Manny: Hala Ma, ibabahay na ng Presidinti si Leni.


Prez Digong had a “lonely” first night at the Bahay Pangarap, says presidential spokesman Abella.

Was he thinking of the ever smiling Leni whom he met again that day during the Cabinet meeting?

That could be true since he was in the house of dreams, the Bahay Pangarap.


The lonely night reportedly prompted the President to toy with the idea of changing the name of the presidential residence to Bahay Pagbabago.





PNP chief Rolando dela Rosa, alias Bato (the Rock), appears fearless amidst the “bloody” war against drug lords and criminals.

In a TV interview, Bato, however, admitted he cowers in fears of three things – God, his wife and ghosts.


When asked to explain, the burly and bald officer said he fears God because he does not want to have a case against Him.

“Number one si Lord, ayaw ko magka-atraso sa kanya,” he said.


Good looking with strong body as a result of workouts in the gym, he reveals he fears his wife, then waved before the tv camera for his wife and said “Hi, langga.”

Bato said his wife has started to worry that he might fool around given his newfound celebrity as chief of the 90,000-strong PNP.

“Nalulungkot lang ako. Pag-uwi ko sa bahay yung misis ko nagdadabog. Ikaw sikat ka na masyado mamaya marami ka na chicks diyan sa labas (I’m sad now. When I go home, my wife appears jerky and says “You are now so popular, all of a sudden you could be gallivanting with girls),” he said.

Iba talaga ang macho, Sir – macho-nurin. Sa order ni Misis.


 Bato admits he fears ghosts – because you cannot see them and as such can’t hit them with the cops’ bullets.

 “Takot ako sa multo. Kahit ano baril mo sa multo, hindi tatamaan ‘yan,” he said.

Call the Ghostbusters, Sir, General!


The Philippines has a new Tourism Secretary in the person of Davao travel agent Wanda Corazon Tulfo Teo.

Having journalists like Ramon Tulfo as her brothers, she knows the value of media in any tourism campaign.

WOW, exclaims newly minted Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon.


Gordon knows whereof he speaks. As tourism secretary, he put the Philippines to new heights in world travel and tourism.

Wonders of wonders (WOW) was his famous slogan in the Department of Tourism.

During the senatorial campaign, this lawyer, former mayor, Con-con delegate and SBMA chairman-administrator had also a unique slogan – “Ipasok si Dick!”

No dirty mind in that. Nakapasok si Dick sa Magic 12 in the Senate race. Now, you can see him again inside the halls of the Senate.


Mind you, Secretary Teo was the apple of the eyes of many in her heyday having been a flight attendant, Renee Salud model and a Bb. Pilipinas candidate in 1972.

This explains, she supports a move for the country to host the next Miss Universe pageant where our very own queen Pia Wurtzbach will be turning over the crown to the new queen.

Imeldific! Isumbong mo kay Tulfo!


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