FRED GABOT Out of Order Column Pacquiao Climbs the Senate Ring; More ‘Bangus’ California-Bound


 Arum still hoping Pacquiao continues fight career – headline.

Yes, Bob, fight for Senator Pacquiao’s advocacies and laws in the Philippine Senate, not in the boxing arena anymore.

That’s my wildcard guess.


Freddie Roach also expressed support to Pacquiao in case he throws his gloves again in the ring.

Just a caution Freddie. Cockroaches may flood the Senator’s office in case he reneges on his promise to devote his time in the Senate.


We would have loved to cover the Prez Duterte inaugural in Malacanang but the seats are good only for 650 local and foreign guests.

We would have wanted to find out how simple the food consisting of durian, maruya or turon, lumpia and monggo with coco juice for drinks and how foreign envoys stationed in Manila would react to them.

What about’s VP Leni’s inaugural? Will there be ice cream con siling labuyo after serving Bicol express?


Days before taking over, Prez Rody became more critical against Prez Pnoy.

Before his supporters in Davao City, the new Prez said that rampant corruption in Pnoy’s administration had turned his “daang matuwid” (straight path) crooked.

“Why is the straight path never straight? It’s supposed to be straight, right?” Prez Rody said as he bid supporters whom he served for decades as mayor.

The truth hurts but it’s the truth.


Criticized for his tough or gutter language, Prez Rody promises to metamorphose once he takes over Malacanang.

Of course, he defends his stance being a “probinsiyano.”

But yes, we’ll have metamorphosis from caterpillar coming out of the cocoon and transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

Fly beautiful like the butterfly, Sir.


Our friend, Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol just breezed through California for meetings with business leaders and probe on why Filipino and Asian stores have been shying away from Filipino-made products like bagoong, patis, and others in favour of those coming from Thailand and Vietnam.

The meetings were eye-opener for the DA chief as he received orders for tons of the Philippine “bangus” and others.

Change is really coming, Secretary.


In that trip, Sec Pinol also discovered goats which are prolific in producing milk.

Expect the ruminants to invade the Philippine farms soon.


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