SHARED ARTICLE — The Most Charitable Country In The World Isn’t The United States But it’s Still High Up There!

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(Editor’s Note – This article was shared to the Philippines Today USA and PhilAmPress by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation stating it is one great read. It says the latest World Giving Index concluded that the United States has lost its standing as the most generous country in the world. Find out who took the top spot by so generously donating time, money, and helping strangers. We are sharing the same article by ELEANOR GOLDBERG, Impact Editor of The Huffington Post.)

Impact editor, The Huffington Post

There’s always next year, America.
The latest World Giving Index concluded that the United States has lost its standing as the most generous country in the world.
Using data collected by Gallup’s World View Poll from 145 countries, the Charities Aid Foundation unveiled its sixth annual report on Tuesday and found that while volunteering is up in the U.S., overall donations dropped from a record high last year.
Last year, the U.S. tied for first with Myanmar for the title of the most giving country.
This year, it dropped down to second.
The report doles out about 1,000 surveys among a range of communities in each country, including rural areas, and assesses the percentage of people who have given to charity, volunteered their time and helped a stranger in the last month.
Globally, giving has increased across all world economy types. Nearly a third of people gave money to charity in the month prior to the interview, up 3.2 percentage points since 2013. But the U.S. saw a drop from a record high of 68 percent last year to 63 percent this year.
That’s the equivalent of 11 million fewer people giving.
“It is great to see that America ranks as the most generous country in the developed world,” Ted Hart, CEO of CAF America, said in a statement. “This report also shows that there can be no room for complacency. America may lead most of the rest of the world but we need to keep on doing more to encourage people to give their money and their time to good causes.”
Thanks in large part to its high proportion of Theravada Buddhists, who practice Sangha Dana, Myanmar was the most generous country last year. Its citizens volunteered the most and with 92 percent of its citizens giving to charity, it also came in first for donations. 
The U.S.’s giving levels may have dropped from last year’s record high of 68 percent to 63 percent, but its volunteer rates are on the rise. Forty-seven percent of women gave back last year, up 4 percentage points from 2013.
New Zealand saw a major jump in the amount of people donating to charity, allowing it to climb from 13th place to 6th place this year in the donation category. It came in third overall.
Canada came in fourth place with 69 percent of people saying they helped a stranger, 67 percent having donated money and 44 percent volunteering their time.  
Australia, where 72 percent of citizens donated money to charity, came in fifth place. 
In the U.K, 75 percent said they donated money. It is in sixth place.
Following its first time placing outside of the top 10 in last year’s report, the Netherlands reappeared in seventh place this year. 
In Sri Lanka, 59 percent of people give to charity. (8th place)
In Ireland, 67 percent of people donated money to charity and 59 percent helped a stranger.  (9th place)
Malaysia was one of the countries to see the most improvement. There, 62 percent said they helped a stranger and 58 percent donated money to charity. (10th place)


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