BULLET PLANTING SCAM – Another Filipino American Returning to US Held at the Airport


PASAY CITY – There seems to be no end to the operation of the “bullet planting” syndicate at the airports, triggering fears and denouncation of officials by Filipino, American and foreign travellers.
This as a Filipino-American was arrested on Nov. 4 after he was caught bringing in a gun with bullets at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport-3 (NAIA-3) in the wake of a backlash on the administration of President Aquino of the operation of alleged “bullet planting” syndicate at the airport to export money from passengers.
Several Americans and foreigners, Filipino Americans and overseas Filipino workers have been victimized by the “laglag bala” scam, among them 20-year-old American missionary Lane Michael White and Cipriano de Guzman, 58, of Orlando, Florida.

Police investigators identified the latest FilAm to be arrested as Ramon Velasco, 54. Velasco allegedly brought a caliber .22 and five bullets in his luggage.
Velasco passed the initial x-ray screening at NAIA but was caught during the final screening before boarding the plane.
Velasco was placed under the custody of airport police while undergoing preliminary investigation.
There have many reports that some NAIA personnel are allegedly planting in ‘bullets’ inside the luggage of foreign nationals and OFWs in order to extort money from them.
The “laglag-bala” scam has scared tourists, OFWs and even the United Nations which warned its staff members about the scam.


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