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THE COLUMNIST Art Gabot Madlaing
By Art Gabot Madlaing

As commissioned Notary Public by the California State Secretary since 1981, I thought that I do not need to be accredited as Notary Public by the Consul General of San Francisco.

Then in the summer of 2013, a unique situation happened. The Executive Secretary of the President/CEO of a high-tech telecom company based in the Peninsula with business operations in the Philippines and Asia unexpectedly called me. He asked and requested me to notarize and follow-up the authentication of important and urgent legal papers and documents needed by a law firm in Metro Manila. The President/CEO was very busy and could not personally go to the Philippine Consulate for the authentication.

The following day, I met the Executive Secretary and the President/CEO for the notarization of legal papers and documents needed in the Philippines. I instructed the Executive Secretary to make three copies of the notarized documents and the California Driver’s license of the President/CEO. In the afternoon, I went to the Philippine Consulate Office in San Francisco and submitted the notarized document and legal papers to the information/front desk clerk. Upon review, the clerk told me that I need to get a Certification first from the County Clerk in San Francisco because I was not an accredited Notary Public by the Consul General of San Francisco. Since it was already late in the afternoon, I decided to get the Certification the following day.

In the morning of the following day, I was able to get the Certification from the County Clerk after paying the Certification fee in cash and paying parking fee. Then, I proceeded to the Philippine Consulate and resubmitted the notarized documents with the County Clerk Certification. Upon further review, the lady clerk at the front desk in the Consulate Office said that there were some missing documents. In the afternoon, I went back to the Executive Secretary and got the missing documents. Since it was already late in the afternoon, I decided to go to the Philippine Consulate the following day.

I went back to the Philippine Consulate in the morning and resubmitted the complete documents for authentication. The clerk at the front desk issued a ticket for payment of authentication fee at the Cashier’s desk. I paid $25 in cash for the authentication fee. I waited for three hours for the release of the document and legal papers with ribbon and signed Authentication Certificate. By noon time, I met the Executive Secretary and gave her the authenticated documents and legal papers urgently needed in the Philippines.

With such unexpected experience, I decided to get my Accreditation as Notary Public annually to better serve our clients and “kababayans.” As accredited Notary Public, I can now offer MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES and do follow-up for authentication of legal papers and documents needed in the Philippines in just one day instead of two to three days for those who can’t personally go to the Philippine Consulate Office in San Francisco. This is BIG savings and convenience for our clients and “kababayans.” Many of those who were happy to have MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES with us include the following:

1.PURA MANONGDO CASINO – With her five children and spouses residing in various cities like Daly City, San Francisco, Berkeley, Richmond and South San Francisco, they requested for the notarization and authentication of documents for Extra Judicial Settlement of Estate of Heirs needed in the Philippines. They could not all go to the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco for the authentication. With proper coordination, her daughter Lydia contacted me and arranged for notarization of the documents on Saturday afternoon at the home of Pura in San Francisco. Since I am accredited Notary Public, I instructed Lydia to make three copies of the notarized documents including the Drivers Licenses or ID’ of the signing parties and have somebody available to go to the Consulate Office to submit notarized documents and follow-up the release of the authenticated documents. There was big savings of additional parking fees, precious time and effort for all the children and spouses.

2. DR.DEMETRIO BELMONTE NITAFAN, DBA– Dr Dem . Nitafan, former Chairman of Milpitas Planning Commission, incumbent National Director of the Travelers Protective Association of America (TPA) and Mortgage and Real Estate Broker is a very busy man. His wife Cecilia and her sister needed documents for real estate transaction in the Philippines to be notarized and authenticated. Dr. Nitafan called me and had the documents notarized in their home in Milpitas, California. Since I reside in San Francisco and accredited Notary Public, he requested me to submit the notarized documents and follow-up the authentication without them going to the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco.

Other happy clients of our MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES include: a husband and wife dentists who got documents notarized inside their dental clinics in Daly City and San Francisco; a fellow U.P. alumnus who got documents notarized for her elderly mother confined at the Convalescent facility in Elk Grove, California; a wife who had the documents notarized for her husband was confined at the San Francisco General Hospital; and others.

For those residing in Milpitas. San Jose/Silicon Valley area, we are available for notarization and MOBILE SIGNING SERVICES every Friday afternoon at GRACEFULIFE, 16 Corning Avenue. Suite 124, Milpitas, CA 95035.

If you reside in San Francisco,Daly City/Peninsula, we are available every day, 9:00 am to 11:30 am (except Sunday) at 730 Madrid Street, San Francisco,CA 94112. Evening and weekend appointments are also available. Call (650)438-3531 or (415)584-7095 or first for appointments.

If you can to go to the Consulate Office, make sure to drop by first at the Philippine Center Building, 447 Sutter Street, 8thFloor, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94108 for review of your documents so that you will not be going back and forth. RC CHAN offers ONE-STOPSERVICES for photo copy. printing, typing; instant pictures for dual citizenship, travel document, passport extension, PVAO for Veterans Proof of Life, NBA Clearance, VISA; airline tickets. Accredited Notary Public like EMIL LLARENA and ART MADLAING is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

To avoid costly mistakes and save you time, money and effort, make sure to request for you and your family FREE copy of “New Guidelines for Notarization and Authentication of Documents and Legal Papers Needed in California and in the Philippines.” Just send a self-addressed-stamped envelop to: AMERICAN BANKERS REALTY, 730 Madrid Street, San Francisco, CA 94112.


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